Let's All Go to the Lobby...

So after much tribulation we're proud to present the official Filmblazer a.k.a. Two-Week Turnaround Tour a.k.a. Battle Wagon a.k.a. Carnies on the Silver Screen (wait, what?! =) shirt to the masses Lights Camera Traction. This sexy beast is dual-sided, showcasing some of the potential scenes on the chest, as well as illustrating the filming locations (and some creative personalities) on the back. Ye olde epidermis blocker comes on gold for the gents and the lovely coral for the ladies.

By the by, if you're asking yourself 'what's the deal with this shirt?!', stop sticking your nose into our business buddy (snicker). I jest, we actually met up with the legendary Joshua Mills at a Twitter event (uh yeah, they really do exist) and we decided to help each other out. Let me also add that I'm totally envious of the seven month, x-country, movie excursion that he (and his evil cohort =) is embarking on. Keep living the dream and remember to occasionally check the air pressure in your tires (to increase fuel efficiency of course).

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