Party Hearty!

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With Movember right around the corner, we figured it made sense to showcase some of the terrific and delicious photos we've received leading up to the festivities. Utilizing our very own cookie cutters, in flawless fashion I might add, these guys are nothing short of classy-tastic. Start spreading the stache and more importantly global awareness for men's health issues!

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Movember is here.

IheartMovember Wathmen
I Heart Movember! Clockwork Orchestra
Winger Welcome Nightime Nuzzle
A Winged Welcome Nightime Nuzzle

We're quite excited to partner with the fantastic Movember Foundation. What exactly is Movember you ask - well, it's a delightful non-profit with the vision of raising awareness, as well as loads of cash (through donations), for men's health issues to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG. Started in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, the November event has current global participation in 6 countries and eclipsed an astounding $42 million dollars in donations during the 2009 campaign.

In order to do our part in assisting the fellow mustache connoisseurs, we designed 4 Movember-specific shirts - Mo Love, Clockwork Orchestra, A Winged Welcoming and Nighttime Nuzzle - in which $5 from each sale will be donated to this lovely cause. Additionally, we donated a considerable number of Fuzzies and gift certaficates to be awarded to the Mo Bro and Mo Sista victors at the countrywide Gala Partes.

Although the growing portion of this fabulous frenzy doesn't kickoff until November, the registration / donation doors are now open. I think it's safe to say that everyone has been affected in some way by cancer-related issues, so grab your recruiting bat and step up to the plate; let's all help save some lives and have a bunch of fun while doing it!

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Secrets Revealed

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What's thick, bushy and worn by tons and tons of wonderful people worldwide during November? - a Movember mustache of course - and we here at the Fuzzy Ink lair are delighted to announce that we've teamed up with this great organization to help raise awareness and funds for men's health issues (specifically the bully cancer).


Brief History Lesson:

~2003 - Started by a few guys in Melbourne, Australia to jokingly bring back the Mo (mustache)

~2004 - Inspired by the women's breast cancer awareness movement, a campaign evolved focused on raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer; 432 Mo Bros participated in the inaugural event, raising over $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

~2006 -Adding Beyondblue as a beneficiary, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas hit the growing scene hard and raised over $6 million worldwide

~2009 - Global participation climbed to nearly 256,000 with Mo crazies raising over $42 million


How It Works:

~Step 1 - Mosey on over to the Movember website and register (either individually or as a team)

~Step 2 - Start the month of November with a hairless facial canvas and start growing like a champ

~Step 3 - Recruit a million or more Mo Bros (fellow participants) and Mo Sistas (lovely ladies unable to grow the stache) to donate and join in on the fun

~Step 4 - Raise prostate cancer awareness (men's health issues overall), as well as enormous funds for worldwide research initiatives (LIVESTRONG and Prostate Cancer Foundation in the US)

~Step 5 - Celebrate your amazing charitable efforts at one of the Post-November bashes throughout the US and rub shoulders with the most epic stache-growers in all of the land


How We're Involved:

~$5 from each purchase of any of our 4 Movember-exclusive shirts will be donated to Movember

~We'll be stocking the Gala Partes with Fuzzies and gift certificates for Miss Movember and Man of Movember winners

~From here on out, we'll be distributing Movember flair (stickers, wristbands, informational packets, etc.) throughout the US during our continuous craft show travels

****Let's all do our part and help in the fight against one of the nastiest competitors out there - cancer; Mustache Heroes Unite!!!****

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No Longer A Secret!!!

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Thank god we were finally able to let the cat out of the bag on all of the new designs. The new line really started way back in August and so it's been tough at times to keep our lips zipped up. Thus far the new stuff has gone over really well with our regular lookers, but we're really interested in getting more constructive feedback in terms of favorite shirt colors, design placement, shirt styles...really anything and everything under the sun. Anywho, enjoy this lovely Thursday and stay tuned if you're interested in knowing what a million folded shirts looks like =).

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Sneak Peek 9 & 10

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Last and def. not least here are the final previews for our Spring Release going down TOMORROW!!! This line has been months in the making and we're amazed at how well everything turned out. We've worked with a number of fantastic new artists and couldn't be happier with the end result. Remember to stop on by tomorrow and check out the full-fledged release partayyy.

Picturesque - aren't old-timey polaroids the bees knees...we think so.

Housebroken - it seems this familiar little guy has run his last race...tehe.

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Sneak Peak 7 & 8

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Getting ever closer to the big launch on Wednesday, here are a few more doodads to feast your eyes on. We are def. super excited to finally whip open the door on all of the new stuff and hopefully you'll all be pleasantly surprised as well. Anywho, have a taste below...

Sunday Stroll - probably off to market to scoop up some bread and milk.

Down For The Count - Fake my arse...someone just got trounced.

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Sneak Peek 5 & 6

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Welp, here's two more previews for you guys to chew on; as usual, one for the unisex line and one for the Misstache Collection.

Sea Smooch - pucker up baby...isn't it funny how three eyelashes can determine the gender...remarkable.

By The Stache Of Zeus - some of the artistic die-hards may know the artist right off the bat...a rather unique style indeed.

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Sneaky Peeks 3 & 4

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Another day, another round of random mustache preview deliciousness. I gotta say, it's kinda fun dangling the carrot over the donkey's mouth...well just as long as he or she doesn't decide to bite my ankle with exhilarating force. Enjoy your spaghetti (lame Dane Cook reference I know).

Music In Flight - I don't trust that bear's beady little eyes, but damn he looks content (Misstache Collection)

The Flying Machine - a simple design with a simple color scheme (for the unisex line)

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