Drinking Your Dinner is Hip Once Again!!!

Great news Paisanos, you can finally cover up those liverspots with our newest creation Game Over, available for pre-order on a grass T-shirt and kelly hoodie. Now I know most people are under the impression that Mario and his cohorts are still very much alive and kickin', but unfortunately I have to knock over your house of cards. As illustrated in the recent photo below, taken just outside the gates of the Mushroom Kingdom, these once energetic heroes and villains are now nothing more than victrola-listening, dungaree-soiling grey and blue hairs. Mario is parading around in a tattered tanooki suit, Luigi has upgraded to a plaid Snuggie and Princess Peach, well she's in the market for a new hip. Please support these lovable icons by popping your head through this one-of-a-kind design...

Game Over Design

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