Filmblazer and Fuzzy Ink

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Man In Mustache

We are happy to announce that we are the official apparel designer and distributor for the Filmblazer - Two-week Turnaround Tour , or T3 for short. No, not the terrible 2003 insult to the Terminator franchise. This T3 is a community based film project, in which the producers will travel around the country for 7 months stopping in 14 different cities for two weeks each, and making 14 different films in each city in the two week period. The tour is just underway now with its first stop in Greensboro, NC. Check back in a couple days for the official Tour Shirt, but for now, enjoy this man in a mustache suit.

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Silly Cat, Twitter Is For Humans (or so I thought!?)

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So after tidying up my room and completing a sensational Madlibs session, I decided to hop onto the interwebs to see what was new on the Twitter home-front. Browsing the usual lot of drab and mostly uninteresting updates, I came upon a tweet endorsing someone of the feline persuasion. Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I methodically moved my cursor until it laid rest on @Sockington...click. The webpage quickly loaded and I was suddenly caught in a cock-eyed stare-down with a majestic, grey and white faced, whiskered furball with exactly 286,289 followers (or at least at the time). I perused the numerous updates and was rather tickled that a being voted 'Most Likely to Smoke Catnip In Church' was able to formulate such complex and grammatically flawless thoughts (especially on a keyboard designed for human digits). Eh, stranger things have happened...haven't they?!?! I then noticed that this crazy cat was also following 219 other animals opposed to the whole blinking thing. Was this the start of some hair-balled scheme for world domination!!!...I wasn't about to find out. I lunged for the phone and without hesitation dialed 9-1-1. Ring....ring....ri...and then nothing. Shock was replaced with terror....and then strangely terror was replaced with hunger pain. I slowly hung up the phone, gave my temple a quizzical scratch and then tiptoed to the fridge for some Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid...

For a quick laugh (or possibly gasp) enjoy the amazing flipping cat...

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Drinking Your Dinner is Hip Once Again!!!

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Great news Paisanos, you can finally cover up those liverspots with our newest creation Game Over, available for pre-order on a grass T-shirt and kelly hoodie. Now I know most people are under the impression that Mario and his cohorts are still very much alive and kickin', but unfortunately I have to knock over your house of cards. As illustrated in the recent photo below, taken just outside the gates of the Mushroom Kingdom, these once energetic heroes and villains are now nothing more than victrola-listening, dungaree-soiling grey and blue hairs. Mario is parading around in a tattered tanooki suit, Luigi has upgraded to a plaid Snuggie and Princess Peach, well she's in the market for a new hip. Please support these lovable icons by popping your head through this one-of-a-kind design...

Game Over Design

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Our Fuzzy Friends Finally Brought To Life

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I can easily say that I never thought I'd see one of my favorite childhood stories turned into a feature film, but I honestly couldn't be more excited to see how Sendak's classical work is brought to life.

Having spent a prolonged period of time in my room during my younger years (usually for never knowing when to keep my mouth shut), it's very easy for me to understand why Max and myself share a very similar imagination. But when you're forced (for hours) to sit in a room filled with a bunk bed, a dresser and a hell of a lot of odds and ends, it's no wonder that it starts to become a magical world full of fuzzy creatures and adventure.

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Did You know...

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MarioBros Covers

...that the original Mario Bros. came out in 1983, followed by Super Mario Bros. in 1985. That's 26 glorious years ago! During that time the games have gone through a plethora of permutations and we just couldn't help but wonder what the Mushroom Kingdom would be like today.

With that said, we're pleased to announce that the infallible illustrator Jublin has brought that world to life. So here's a little teaser. I know, I know, you want to have your spaghetti and eat it too, but check back in a couple days to see our latest Fuzzy Ink design!

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History of Beards

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History of Beards

Apparently this is pretty old (in internet years) but it's new to me, so I'm still posting. If you want to complain, the comment button is right down there. I'm also not sure if the evolutionary flow a facial fuzz is entirely accurate, but it looks good, so I guess that's what counts.

It's available for purchase if you so desire.

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Enraged Matador of some sort, wearing the Sunstache Kid.

We want to give back to all our fuzzy friends out there, so if you've got a picture of yourself or others in some of our stuff, we'd love to see. Just give us a shout and we'll happily reward you with some goodies. F*ck it, even if you're not wearing one of our shirts, but you got a nice stache, send us a pic.

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The Perfect Wedding Present.

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Erin and Jared

Meet Erin + Jared, happy newly weds with a great idea to bring the whole family together. It seems they gave staches to all the guests of their wedding and took stache-filled photos of everyone. Nothing brings Grandma and that 'creeping roommate from college you felt obligated to invite' together like a group photo adorned with staches. Click here to see them all

Lil\' Stache

Shouts to Andy for the link.

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