Tee Madness!!!

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We're a little behind the times, but our buddies at I Am The Trend are hosting a MASSIVE March Madness-style T-shirt competition coined "The Tee Madness". It includes six rounds of head-to-head battles of some of the finest t-shirt companies out there. We were able to sneak past the round of 32 and the Sweet 16 by a measly 1 vote, and are now doing battle in the Elite 8.


In order to advance to the next round (and then the finals), we're asking for your help. It's currently neck and neck with KKBB Apparel so we need everyone and their pets to Vote For Us ! Round 4 ends at 12pm CST tomorrow (Saturday), so we don't have much time to pull this off. All you have to do is find our name on the bottom right hand column and then click on the Red #2 (at least for this round).


Additionally, to sweeten the deal, we'll be giving away a Monster Fuzzie to a lucky Fuzzy Ink account holder every time we advance (we've already given away 3!). So if you're still looking to fill your bed or couch with one of our massive mustaches, now's the time to get involved =)

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No Longer A Secret!!!

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Thank god we were finally able to let the cat out of the bag on all of the new designs. The new line really started way back in August and so it's been tough at times to keep our lips zipped up. Thus far the new stuff has gone over really well with our regular lookers, but we're really interested in getting more constructive feedback in terms of favorite shirt colors, design placement, shirt styles...really anything and everything under the sun. Anywho, enjoy this lovely Thursday and stay tuned if you're interested in knowing what a million folded shirts looks like =).

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Sneak Peek 9 & 10

Posted on March 16, 2010 | 0 comments

Last and def. not least here are the final previews for our Spring Release going down TOMORROW!!! This line has been months in the making and we're amazed at how well everything turned out. We've worked with a number of fantastic new artists and couldn't be happier with the end result. Remember to stop on by tomorrow and check out the full-fledged release partayyy.

Picturesque - aren't old-timey polaroids the bees knees...we think so.

Housebroken - it seems this familiar little guy has run his last race...tehe.

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Sneak Peak 7 & 8

Posted on March 15, 2010 | 0 comments

Getting ever closer to the big launch on Wednesday, here are a few more doodads to feast your eyes on. We are def. super excited to finally whip open the door on all of the new stuff and hopefully you'll all be pleasantly surprised as well. Anywho, have a taste below...

Sunday Stroll - probably off to market to scoop up some bread and milk.

Down For The Count - Fake my arse...someone just got trounced.

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Sneak Peek 5 & 6

Posted on March 14, 2010 | 0 comments

Welp, here's two more previews for you guys to chew on; as usual, one for the unisex line and one for the Misstache Collection.

Sea Smooch - pucker up baby...isn't it funny how three eyelashes can determine the gender...remarkable.

By The Stache Of Zeus - some of the artistic die-hards may know the artist right off the bat...a rather unique style indeed.

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Sneaky Peeks 3 & 4

Posted on March 11, 2010 | 0 comments

Another day, another round of random mustache preview deliciousness. I gotta say, it's kinda fun dangling the carrot over the donkey's mouth...well just as long as he or she doesn't decide to bite my ankle with exhilarating force. Enjoy your spaghetti (lame Dane Cook reference I know).

Music In Flight - I don't trust that bear's beady little eyes, but damn he looks content (Misstache Collection)

The Flying Machine - a simple design with a simple color scheme (for the unisex line)

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Sneaky Peeks 1 & 2

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With a bunch of new stuff coming out next week, we figured we'd provide a quick glance for classical hype purposes =). See if you can figure out what's in store and we'll give you a cookie; not the thin mints though, those are mine.

Dear Diary - the inaugural preview of the female-exclusive Misstache Collection

Look Ma No Hands - a delightful design for the unisex line

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Printing Tags Yo

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So today we tried our hand at printing tags; after screwing around with a few colors, we decided that black was prob. the best option. Follow along for a quick rundown of the action...or don't and make like a tree and get the hell outta here =)

Here's a quick look at our lil ole press currently rockin' Handlebar Hold Up.

The screen burning process has commenced...ghetto fabulous indeed.

This is where we started telling ghost stories; a mandatory pants change soon was relevant ;)

A dandy screen ripe for printing...although that color didn't last.

Finally, a taste of the finished product; not too shabby if I do say so myself (which I just did).

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