Checking Out Austin

Posted on April 05, 2010 | 0 comments

So 1/3 of Fuzzy Ink (Mike) decided to go on a short road trip across the good ole US of A with planned stops in Austin, Scottsdale and perhaps San Diego. I'm by no means a photographic genius, so with that said, here are a few images I was able to capture while gallavanting around the Austin area.

We'll be back in Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair (May 15th and 16th) with the Palmer Event Center claiming hosting duties. It looked to be a rather posh joint and the demographic is right up our alley!!!

A better look at the event center where there should be throngs of people to fend off come mid-may =)

A lovely look at the Capitol building; true story, I was attacked by a huge yellow pollen cloud while minding my p's and q's.

This little guy just couldn't get enough of my lens; we shared some iced coffee after the shoot.

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Easter Eggstravaganza =)

Posted on March 26, 2010 | 0 comments

The hunt is on...on the streets...inside your head...on every beat (thank you Glenn Frey =). Anyways, with the Easter holiday right around the corner, we figured it was a good time to integrate our own Fuzzy Ink Easter Egg Hunt to get everyone in good spirits. The rules are rather simple; among all of our shirts (aside from sale items) we've 'hidden' a healthy number of eggs - screen-printed below the inside tag. If, after opening your purchase, you happen to find one of the said printed eggs, then you're a winner...pretty simple right? In order to claim your spoils though, we'll need a delightful picture of your lovely face with the egg tagging; winners and pics will be posted here for onlookers to swoon over =).


So what do you win? Well, any egg sighting will earn a free shirt of choice. If, however, you find the elusive golden mustached egg, you will be handsomely rewarded with an Easter basket full of awesomeness. So in summation: Buy shirt --> Find egg --> Dance around with house pets --> Send snapshot --> Claim prize(s); are we cool?! The hunt will run through Easter (April 4th ), but may be extended if we're feeling generous after a delicious bowl of mushroom bisque. Let the hunting begin!!!

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Tee Madness!!!

Posted on March 26, 2010 | 0 comments

We're a little behind the times, but our buddies at I Am The Trend are hosting a MASSIVE March Madness-style T-shirt competition coined "The Tee Madness". It includes six rounds of head-to-head battles of some of the finest t-shirt companies out there. We were able to sneak past the round of 32 and the Sweet 16 by a measly 1 vote, and are now doing battle in the Elite 8.


In order to advance to the next round (and then the finals), we're asking for your help. It's currently neck and neck with KKBB Apparel so we need everyone and their pets to Vote For Us ! Round 4 ends at 12pm CST tomorrow (Saturday), so we don't have much time to pull this off. All you have to do is find our name on the bottom right hand column and then click on the Red #2 (at least for this round).


Additionally, to sweeten the deal, we'll be giving away a Monster Fuzzie to a lucky Fuzzy Ink account holder every time we advance (we've already given away 3!). So if you're still looking to fill your bed or couch with one of our massive mustaches, now's the time to get involved =)

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Some 'Wild' Exposure

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Recently, we had a lovely customer, (who's name will remain a mystery ;), visit an animal sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia sporting one of our Impostor shirts. Trying to steal the spotlight, Mr. Peabody (the koala), looks to be giving the design his paw of approval and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again for the picture submission and keep 'em coming from beautiful sights around the globe.

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Road Trip to Renegade - Chicago Style

Posted on September 21, 2009 | 0 comments

Well hello again you good looking bunch of friends and frenemies. Let me start by apologizing for the lack of posts over the last 6-7 weeks; we've had a few shows to prep. for and unfortunately that has taken serious priority over my ramblings. So what's new you ask...well, we had a lovely 14 hour roadtrip to Chicago last week (from Thursday to Monday) and had a fantabulous (see: crazy busy) time while taking part in the last outdoor Renegade show of the year. Have I mentioned that Renegades kick mondo arse and that Sue Daly and her band of cohorts (you know who you are =) are nothing short of sensational; she's like the Puff Daddy / P Diddy of crafting, minus the white suits and overpriced bottles of bubbly.


Anywho, the two-day extravaganza went swimmingly, with exceptional weather from start to finish, and we even found time to enjoy some deep-dish pizza (which came rectangular...eerie I know). Additionally, having worked and befriended a few Threadless fellers from past and upcoming designs, we were extended an invite to their exclusive ice cream social; I intended on showing off some polaroids of the VIP event, but a certain numbskull (points at self) forgot the camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. Fortunately, I did bring it along for mostly everything else, so grab a canister of pringles and enjoy a few snapshots.

Sears Tower Approaching the majestic Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower); do your best to disregard the mosaic of bug guts on the windshield
Plushies Zooguu Handmade - They had some phenomenally stitched and original plushies for the taking
The Prick Cushion The Prick Cushion - Sold just that, as well as other one-of-a-kind sexual reproductive organs; blue ribbon for originality for sure
Ashi Dashi Ashi Dashi - Brilliant stocking-stuffers for the upcoming holidays; the intestines and corn were my favs
Shawnimals Shawnimals - One of the big guns of the event...their homemade displays were stellar and popped like no other
Fuzzy Ink Last, but hopefully not least, a quick glance at our setup (damn glare); Chicago was fantastic and we can't wait for December to roll around!!!

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Modern, Yes; Functional, Probably Not...

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I was in the mood to find some crazy-cool contraptions offered in today's market and found myself gazing upon a few sensational gems that probably result in a reduced life expectancy (via frustration, prison rape or boring old suicide). You be the judge~

The Ultimate Wheel: Seriously, that's suppose to be funtastic?! Where do I put the banana seat?

Dodecahedral "Petaminx" Puzzle: Commence face-melting in 3, 2, 1.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags: A little Rorschach mildew won't deter this motivated hungry beast.

Cursor Oven Mitts: Ending serious relationships since 1994.

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Hilarity Ensues

Posted on July 20, 2009 | 0 comments

As I was methodically organizing some of the Mathew Brady-inspired (nerd alert) Renegade LA and SF snapshots, I decided to take a quick breather and click on Tosh.0 (that zany newish Comedy Central show). Of course the deal with Daniel's thirty minute chunk of time is that he finds tragically divine clips of brilliance usually on youtube and thus I thought it was only proper if I too took a gander. I apologize for a few things right off the bat: 1.) it's over two years old 2.) the sound is whack, and 3.) there's footage from 1974. What I won't apologize for is that it's absolutely hilarious and left me crying (even after the third go-around). By the by, my absolute favorites are at 2:58, 3:25 and 4:01 (so..stinking...perfect). Enjoy!!!

Anyone happen to notice in the beginning that the preview was 'approved for all fans and to-be-fans of bleach'?!?! (what isn't these days)

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If only I could Play the Ukulele

Posted on June 25, 2009 | 0 comments

This might be the best mustache-themed wood inlay Ukulele I've ever seen. This one-of-a-kind piece is designed by Xylocopa and features 25 fantastic staches. The head of the Ukulele reads:

"There are three kinds of men you must never trust;

a man who hunts south of the Thames,

a man who has soup for lunch,

and a man that waxes his moustahce."

-Sir James Richards

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