No Sleep 'Til January

With November (and Movember) finally in hibernation mode after a fan-stellar-tastic showing, we figured that perhaps it was time to take a breather and relax for the upcoming holidays...or not, deffffinitely not! As if last year's December couldn't have been crazier, someone (I won't point fingers) decided that it was somehow possible to squeeze in even more shows this year. As per 'normal' protocol, we like to involve both coasts and thank god being loopy, sleep deprived and usually smelling of children's cereal is highly accepted and welcomed for the occasions =). If you happen to find yourself in Boston, DC, Chattanooga, Portland (OR) or Los Angeles looking for funky holiday gifts this weekend, scamper over to one of our shows and prepare yourself for fun and excitement. For additional details on each location, follow the links provided on the homepage. Happy shopping and happy Friday!

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