Movember - Week Thrice

It's week three already and I'm assuming your staches are nothing short of godlike - thrusting lightning bolts at naysayers and capsizing dinghies on the seven seas. Sounding a bit like a broken record, the past week has continued the trend of stupendous-ness and we've had to purchase an additional industrial-sized abacus for tallying orders.


With the Thanksgiving holiday on deck, we're not only looking forward to collecting scraps of food in our facial fuzz (to nibble on later of course), but also wrapping up Movember with a bang. Aside from this, we've been working around the clock getting ready for the craziest of crazy Decembers with shows popping out of our ears (and other unspoken crevices). If you haven't shared a few laughs with us in the flesh yet, there's a good chance we'll be in a city near you so please don't be bashful and skip on over =)


Restating the facts, this year's campaign has been stellar, but we'd love to add your donation to the pile. Gala Parties will kickoff in early December, so if you'd prefer not to go naked we'd love to help you out. Have a fantastic holiday or Thursday (for those not partaking) and above all - long live the stache!

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