Movember - Week Deux

Posted on November 15, 2011 | 0 comments

With week two in the history books, we're now officially halfway through Movember. Keeping consistent with the kickoff, we've seen loads of new customers from all over the globe which again means mighty donations for men's health!


Although things have been moving steadily forward, like any small business (or business in general) we've hit a few snags along the way. Like I briefly mentioned in last week's installment, we slightly underestimated the number of cookie cutters we'd need for the campaign. To add to this, a percentage of said cutters arrived in a condition below our lofty standards of quality. As a company that prides themselves on delivering top-notch products, we figured it wasn't in our or your (the customers) best interest to send something that was below this level and thus the decision was made to hold off on sending out some of the orders until the new shipment arrived.


Additionally, we've had a few issues with sizing inconsistencies for our Movember-specific t-shirts. Having used the same manufacturer from the beginning, we were a bit tickled with the horrific timing of this snag, but rolling with the punches as we must we've pumped up our quality control to eliminate this concern completely. Please keep in mind though, that our shirts are made to have a more athletic and 'snug' fit; also, we use a blend of thinner materials, not because it's a cheap substitute (far from it =), but because based on customer input it's the softest, most comfortable and preferred shirt overall.


Finally, we continue to get a lot of emails regarding shipping, timelines and all things related. As a company that orders a ton of things (literally) from all over the world, we fully understand the frustration of waiting...and waiting...and waiting some more for things to arrive, especially when you needed them yesterday. Unfortunately, even after we've run a marathon to ensure each and every package is shipped on time, once the US Postal Service has the stuff all we can do is cross our fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, etc. and hope things move expediently =)


Our apologies for the serious vibe this post may have, but we thought it was paramount to be open and honest with the people that drive our brand. As a company 100% reliant on customers like you (yes you, the person sipping their tea and listening to 10,000 Maniacs in the background), we feel it's important to keep an open dialogue with the mothers, fathers, students, teachers, prime ministers, etc. who call themselves fans of Fuzzy Ink. Although some people seem to think we're this omnipotent machine growing larger and larger every time the sun rises, the truth is less than a handful of people have a hand in our humble operation. Our goal is to maintain a down to earth, approachable feel and for people to understand that if you have questions, concerns or input you feel is noteworthy, that we're here and we're listening. In life you only get one first impression with people, so you better make it a good one eh? =)...BRING ON WEEK THREE!!!

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