Movember Wrap Up - Week One(ish)

The first week or so of Movember has been nothing short of spectacular. Not only have our expectations been stream-rolled, but they've also been torched, harpooned, rubberband-gunned and literally blown out of the water by deep sea torpedoes. Business has been good - nay great - and because of that charitable donations are equally through the roof.


As fairly intelligent business owners (hold off on the jabs for later =), we do what we can to have contingency plans in place in case situations get sticky and taffy-like. With this being said, there's no way we (or more specifically our site) could have fully prepared for what was to come our way. Needless to say, on roughly day 4 our site got overwhelmed and perhaps a little overheated and decided to take a short breather. After making a few short phone calls and some upgrades we were back in the game.


It's apparent that the great United States embraces the mustache during the month of November, but (no offense) it's a candle to the sun when compared to the founding juggernaut that is Australia. These buggers eat and sleep mustache - literally by the bowlful sans utensils. Add to this the other great land masses that participate in this joyous movement and you have one heck of a populous. One would never guess this, but a commonality among each is that they love making and baking cookies - and then devouring them. We assumed having hundreds of cookie cutters on hand would suffice for the consumer base and campaign in general, but we were wrong - dead wrong! Having to put this classy item on back order wasn't in the cards, but again sometimes you have to roll with the punches.


In summation, the first small chunk of this delightful month has been eye-opening and we're doing our mustachioed-best to fulfill all orders and answer any customer queries. Shirts are being restocked on a daily basis, a new load of cookie cutters are moving ever closer to our warehouse and new items are being secretly constructed for the December craft fair extravaganza. The fuzzy wheels are in motion and we can't thank everyone enough for supporting such a monumental cause. Arm your battle staches and let's continue firing away at week two!

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