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What's thick, bushy and worn by tons and tons of wonderful people worldwide during November? - a Movember mustache of course - and we here at the Fuzzy Ink lair are delighted to announce that we've teamed up with this great organization to help raise awareness and funds for men's health issues (specifically the bully cancer).


Brief History Lesson:

~2003 - Started by a few guys in Melbourne, Australia to jokingly bring back the Mo (mustache)

~2004 - Inspired by the women's breast cancer awareness movement, a campaign evolved focused on raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer; 432 Mo Bros participated in the inaugural event, raising over $55,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

~2006 -Adding Beyondblue as a beneficiary, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas hit the growing scene hard and raised over $6 million worldwide

~2009 - Global participation climbed to nearly 256,000 with Mo crazies raising over $42 million


How It Works:

~Step 1 - Mosey on over to the Movember website and register (either individually or as a team)

~Step 2 - Start the month of November with a hairless facial canvas and start growing like a champ

~Step 3 - Recruit a million or more Mo Bros (fellow participants) and Mo Sistas (lovely ladies unable to grow the stache) to donate and join in on the fun

~Step 4 - Raise prostate cancer awareness (men's health issues overall), as well as enormous funds for worldwide research initiatives (LIVESTRONG and Prostate Cancer Foundation in the US)

~Step 5 - Celebrate your amazing charitable efforts at one of the Post-November bashes throughout the US and rub shoulders with the most epic stache-growers in all of the land


How We're Involved:

~$5 from each purchase of any of our 4 Movember-exclusive shirts will be donated to Movember

~We'll be stocking the Gala Partes with Fuzzies and gift certificates for Miss Movember and Man of Movember winners

~From here on out, we'll be distributing Movember flair (stickers, wristbands, informational packets, etc.) throughout the US during our continuous craft show travels

****Let's all do our part and help in the fight against one of the nastiest competitors out there - cancer; Mustache Heroes Unite!!!****

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