'Show' Me The Fuzzy (9/8 - 9/12)

We figured that now was as good of a time as any to start revealing our weekly show schedule and boy do we have a doozie coming up. Starting tomorrow, we'll be slinging our hairy wearables at Arts On Foot in downtown DC's Penn Quarter centered around 7th St. and F St. NW. The show, running from Wednesday (9/8) to Saturday (9/11) (11am - 7pm W-F / 'til 6pm Sat.), will showcase a plethora of multimedia happenings and is sure to be a grand ole time.

The second show we'll be partaking in is Renegade Chicago; holding Division St. hostage (between Damen and Paulina) in the Wicker Park section, this event is always a fantastic draw for killer food, music and vendors galore. The flagship location for everything Renegade, organizers and volunteers alike never miss a beat so we expect nothing short of monumental success in the form of spectator pleasantness and pizza thickness!

Last but certainly not least, we'll be setting up shop at the Adams Morgan Day Festival located along 18th St. in downtown DC. Kicking off for the 32nd time, this show promises to be a celebration of creativity ignited by the synergy of diverse cultures. So with this being said, lace up your shoes, throw your camera in your bag and come dance around like an idiot with the rest of us on what should be a wonderfully sunny Sunday afternoon and evening.

Just a sidebar as you're probably wondering how we can possibly be in so many places at the same time; the answer my friends is easy...magic...good day.

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