Back In Brooklyn

Hey guys and gals...sorry for the delay in posts, but we've been up to our armpits in weekly shows and such. To add to the mix, we were lucky enough to sneak into the ever brilliant Renegade Brooklyn and are currently meandering in that direction now. This show was basically the kick-off to acquiring some phenomenal crafter friends (all of whom we still canoodle with today), so Brooklyn is quite near and dear to our lil hearts =). Anywho, as their banner ad points out, the show will feature over 300 artists from around the globe and will take place in McCarren Park (Brooklyn) from 11am - 7pm tomorrow and Sunday ; be there or be a jerk and don't come at all (even if you do come we'll prob. throw a variety of soft fruits and veggies at you though). Also, keep your darn fingers crossed for delicious weather and perhaps an occasional windstorm full of $20 bills and dollar coins. Seacrest Out.

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