Yay For Craft Fairs

Finally, the lovely time of year has reached where all the DIY-ers can run around like giddy school children (clothing optional) without getting those 'what-the-heck-am-I-watching' expressions from onlookers; that's right folks, it's stinkin' craft season and we're starting off strong with the oh-so-wonderful Renegade crew in a pristine new Austin location! Now before we get ahead of ourselves, it's important to point out that first time locations aren't always the biggest of draws, BUT if the other Renegade shows scattered among a number of delicious states are any indication, this should be another home-run for the exceptional talent attending. Sooo, if you're going to be around the Palmer Event Center this weekend (5/15-5/16), or even if you're not, I would highly advise taking a gander at what will be nothing short of sensational offerings in a plethora of categories.

Additionally, and not to be overshadowed, the SOWA Open Market will also be kicking off their 7th season this weekend in the always-trendy Boston, MA. While one part of Fuzzy Ink will be dancing around the Renegade booths in muggy Austin, another will be galavanting the northeastern streets in nothing but a Red Sox cap (that may be a lie). Although we don't expect everyone to make both shows this weekend (slackers =) you should really do yourself a favor and skip on down to one if the timing / vicinity fits (as both shows are FREE of charge). We hope to see a ton of your smiling faces!!!...and I suppose frowners are welcome too, but don't make it a habit!

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