The Grandest of Canyons

As my trip slowly wound down, I finally made it to the mecca of sightseeing spots - the Grandy Canyon. I would love to describe how monumental this crack in the earth was, but words honestly can't do it justice; it's really one of those things where you have to see it in order to inhale all of the awesome floating in the air. Anyways, after looking over a few of the hikes downward, I decided to go with the one that the ranger said I didn't have enough time for in the day =). Needless to say, since I'm typing this now (as a human and not a howling ghost) - Mike 1, Ranger 0.

A view from the top right before I made my descent; I did the trail that goes right to the tip of the cliff (upper middle of the picture).

Some of the stair-like terrain scattered among the hike; not surprising my shoes and socks became similar in color.

Part of the Indian Garden camping site roughly 4.5 miles into the canyon; a great place to take a breather and replenish the h2o.

Right before I reached the apex of the site and chewed on a few sticks of jerky, mmm.

Next time I'll def. pack my camping stuff and mosey on down to the Colorado River; not shown, I spotted 4 rafting groups taking on a few of the rapids.

Taking a quick breather to absorb the view and some calories before sprinting back up to the southern rim (yum yum).

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