Checking Out the Red Rocks

After checking out some things in the Scottsdale / Tempe / Phoenix area, I made my way north to beautiful Sedona to see the famous red rocks. It had been far too long since I got in a good hike, so this was just what the doctor ordered. Most of the trails were pretty heavily marked as well, so I only had to off-road it a few times for better views.

The lengthy wooden bridge dropping you off into Red Rock State Park.

Some delectable rock formations off in the distance; I would have loved to have made my way over and up them!

A nice view from the top of one of a few summits; two things to consider though: I would advise against white shoes and I would consider hiking in something other than running shoes.

A quick shot of me somewhat smiley right before a neck-tied bear decided to snag my bag lunch =(

A view from the tippy top of everything; I actually had to do a bit of free climbing to get to this point, but it was def. worth it with the panoramic view. Overall, the place was an absolute gem and I really only saw a handful of people during my many hours there.

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