Zooing It Up

After getting settled in the Scottsdale area, I was roped into checking out the Phoenix Zoo. I must note that as an animal lover I absolutely enjoy seeing a plethora of wildlife up close and personal, but I can't say that I'm super smiley about the prison-cell size of some of the housing quarters. Nonetheless, it was a really enjoyable day and I got loads of great pictures, along with a super sexy farmer's tan =P

This majestic beast was giving me the bedroom eyes the minute I came into sight.

These little guys were absolutely hilarious, tackling and fighting each other during the entirety of our stop; additionally, they both looked to have wee white mustaches (future Fuzzy Ink models perhaps?!)

Yeah yeah, who hasn't seen a billion flamingos; well, my camera certainly doesn't do it justice, but the whole flock had this wonderfully vivid orange-pink color (plus they have chicken legs like myself so back off =)

Supposedly, the tortoises were all over 100 years old which helped to explain the adult diapers and nonstop war stories; I jest, but there is something really powerful about that prehistoric look they pull off oh so well.

For me, the anteaters stole the show; this particular one was strutting around the entire time and made me wonder when exactly they became so crazy cool?! I would have uploaded my video, but the loading time was giving me convulsions; maybe I'll try again soon.

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