Arizona Adventures

So after a fantastic time in Austin, I was off to Scottsdale, AZ via the western Texas / New Mexico route. For those of you unfamiliar with this section of the US, the posted speed limit rises to a rather quick 80 mph and thus mostly everyone on the road is hovering around 90. In its defense though, the terrain is pretty flat and straight with sections of beauty and brilliance (among the somewhat boring and monotonous desert qualities).

A glance at the New Mexico scenery through my bug-covered windshield; my experience was somewhat soured though, as I was caught in a speed-trap with out-of-state plates.

Having reached Scottsdale, I celebrated my bday in style with a delicious artery-clogging ice cream cake; how am I possibly this close to thirty already?!

With a million golf courses around the area, we tried our luck at one of the cheaper ones; here's a look at my playing partner and one of the two demon drivers =)

When checking out new places, it's always interesting to see the common animal-life roaming around; these somewhat domesticated suckers are literally everywhere bouncing around for a grassy snack.

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