More Adventures in Austin

Let me just reinforce the fact that Austin was an uber chill and relaxing place to hang for a bit. I took a few strolls into the Southern Congress (SoCo) area and munched on a ton of delectable foods and snacks. I can't really put my finger on it, but there really was something enchanting about the place; above anything else, I just got a ton of positive vibes from everyone and everything I encountered and I can't wait to pop back into town in the very near future.

I stayed with my friend Nate and his cohorts at his lovely abode just outside the city.

Here's a good look at my work station / sleeping quarters; yes, that is a huge box of legos. Jealous?!

One of the many interesting stores in the SoCo district; why didn't I think about a jackrabbit-riding cowboy?!

Another fancy building-topper in SoCo; I hope that dress comes in an 8 =)

We took a lengthy stroll down a section of the Colorado river; it was an excellent adventure and really the first time in months I've enjoyed a good paddle (although technically I wasn't paddling during the picture-taking ;)

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