Checking Out Austin

So 1/3 of Fuzzy Ink (Mike) decided to go on a short road trip across the good ole US of A with planned stops in Austin, Scottsdale and perhaps San Diego. I'm by no means a photographic genius, so with that said, here are a few images I was able to capture while gallavanting around the Austin area.

We'll be back in Austin for the Renegade Craft Fair (May 15th and 16th) with the Palmer Event Center claiming hosting duties. It looked to be a rather posh joint and the demographic is right up our alley!!!

A better look at the event center where there should be throngs of people to fend off come mid-may =)

A lovely look at the Capitol building; true story, I was attacked by a huge yellow pollen cloud while minding my p's and q's.

This little guy just couldn't get enough of my lens; we shared some iced coffee after the shoot.

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