Easter Eggstravaganza =)

The hunt is on...on the streets...inside your head...on every beat (thank you Glenn Frey =). Anyways, with the Easter holiday right around the corner, we figured it was a good time to integrate our own Fuzzy Ink Easter Egg Hunt to get everyone in good spirits. The rules are rather simple; among all of our shirts (aside from sale items) we've 'hidden' a healthy number of eggs - screen-printed below the inside tag. If, after opening your purchase, you happen to find one of the said printed eggs, then you're a winner...pretty simple right? In order to claim your spoils though, we'll need a delightful picture of your lovely face with the egg tagging; winners and pics will be posted here for onlookers to swoon over =).


So what do you win? Well, any egg sighting will earn a free shirt of choice. If, however, you find the elusive golden mustached egg, you will be handsomely rewarded with an Easter basket full of awesomeness. So in summation: Buy shirt --> Find egg --> Dance around with house pets --> Send snapshot --> Claim prize(s); are we cool?! The hunt will run through Easter (April 4th ), but may be extended if we're feeling generous after a delicious bowl of mushroom bisque. Let the hunting begin!!!

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