Tee Madness!!!

We're a little behind the times, but our buddies at I Am The Trend are hosting a MASSIVE March Madness-style T-shirt competition coined "The Tee Madness". It includes six rounds of head-to-head battles of some of the finest t-shirt companies out there. We were able to sneak past the round of 32 and the Sweet 16 by a measly 1 vote, and are now doing battle in the Elite 8.


In order to advance to the next round (and then the finals), we're asking for your help. It's currently neck and neck with KKBB Apparel so we need everyone and their pets to Vote For Us ! Round 4 ends at 12pm CST tomorrow (Saturday), so we don't have much time to pull this off. All you have to do is find our name on the bottom right hand column and then click on the Red #2 (at least for this round).


Additionally, to sweeten the deal, we'll be giving away a Monster Fuzzie to a lucky Fuzzy Ink account holder every time we advance (we've already given away 3!). So if you're still looking to fill your bed or couch with one of our massive mustaches, now's the time to get involved =)

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