New Sugar-free Goodies

A few weekends ago, 100,000 or so Chicagonites / Chicagoneers / Chicagonians lucked out and had the chance to purchase two yummy new threads from two delectable artists. If you were too lazy to put down the clicker and drive through 12-14 states (depending on your geographic location), then today just happens to be your lucky day bub(s). Straight from the glorious minds of two Threadless veterans, we are perma-smiled to release Handlebar Hold Up and Sleight of Hare.

Handlebar Hold up, as seen above, was the stellar brainchild of Alvaro Arteaga, a Spanish Chilean with a unique style incorporating a keen sense of wit and boyish charm. Better known as Alvarejo, this cool cat was a breeze to work with and I recommend grazing his portfolio for additional spoonfuls of heaven.

Additionally, Sleight of Hare, as seen above, was inked and colored by the exuberant Alex Solis, a zestfully delightful feller with uncanny b-boy (break-dance) skillage and jaw-droppingly sick artistic details. Fortunately for us, while rocking Renegade in Chi-town, we were able to hang with Alex @ the Threadless meet-up partay and boogy down to some karaoke tunes. Much like Alvaro above, Mr. Solis was a doll to work with; a portfolio peek is absolutely recommended, but brain melting will occur so I would double check your insurance coverage first.

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