Road Trip to Renegade - Chicago Style

Well hello again you good looking bunch of friends and frenemies. Let me start by apologizing for the lack of posts over the last 6-7 weeks; we've had a few shows to prep. for and unfortunately that has taken serious priority over my ramblings. So what's new you ask...well, we had a lovely 14 hour roadtrip to Chicago last week (from Thursday to Monday) and had a fantabulous (see: crazy busy) time while taking part in the last outdoor Renegade show of the year. Have I mentioned that Renegades kick mondo arse and that Sue Daly and her band of cohorts (you know who you are =) are nothing short of sensational; she's like the Puff Daddy / P Diddy of crafting, minus the white suits and overpriced bottles of bubbly.


Anywho, the two-day extravaganza went swimmingly, with exceptional weather from start to finish, and we even found time to enjoy some deep-dish pizza (which came rectangular...eerie I know). Additionally, having worked and befriended a few Threadless fellers from past and upcoming designs, we were extended an invite to their exclusive ice cream social; I intended on showing off some polaroids of the VIP event, but a certain numbskull (points at self) forgot the camera so you'll just have to take my word for it. Fortunately, I did bring it along for mostly everything else, so grab a canister of pringles and enjoy a few snapshots.

Sears Tower Approaching the majestic Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower); do your best to disregard the mosaic of bug guts on the windshield
Plushies Zooguu Handmade - They had some phenomenally stitched and original plushies for the taking
The Prick Cushion The Prick Cushion - Sold just that, as well as other one-of-a-kind sexual reproductive organs; blue ribbon for originality for sure
Ashi Dashi Ashi Dashi - Brilliant stocking-stuffers for the upcoming holidays; the intestines and corn were my favs
Shawnimals Shawnimals - One of the big guns of the event...their homemade displays were stellar and popped like no other
Fuzzy Ink Last, but hopefully not least, a quick glance at our setup (damn glare); Chicago was fantastic and we can't wait for December to roll around!!!

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