Hilarity Ensues

As I was methodically organizing some of the Mathew Brady-inspired (nerd alert) Renegade LA and SF snapshots, I decided to take a quick breather and click on Tosh.0 (that zany newish Comedy Central show). Of course the deal with Daniel's thirty minute chunk of time is that he finds tragically divine clips of brilliance usually on youtube and thus I thought it was only proper if I too took a gander. I apologize for a few things right off the bat: 1.) it's over two years old 2.) the sound is whack, and 3.) there's footage from 1974. What I won't apologize for is that it's absolutely hilarious and left me crying (even after the third go-around). By the by, my absolute favorites are at 2:58, 3:25 and 4:01 (so..stinking...perfect). Enjoy!!!

Anyone happen to notice in the beginning that the preview was 'approved for all fans and to-be-fans of bleach'?!?! (what isn't these days)

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