The Animal Kingdom

So the brother and I took a trip out to the country to see some friends and relatives visiting North Cackalacky and it just so happened I brought along my camera. Now let me preface this brief conversation by spilling the beans that I'm indeed an animal lover (with cats taking the helm), but staying as mutual and unbiased as possible, I gotta say my cousin has some pretty stupdendous pets!!! Take a looksee at some of the money shots =) I was able to capture with my accidental (if any) talent...

Here's Lucky looking all hot and bothered (don't judge me)

JD (Jack Daniels) playing it cool for the camera (is he not the perfect match of Fatcat from Rescue Rangers?!?!)...he seriously tips the scales at 25 lbs

John looking dapper in a Game Over shirt (plug plug) while JD looks to steal his soul (what a whiskered trickster)

And finally cute-as-a-button Anabel (really Mike?)...I swear I didn't photoshop those eyes

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