An Alley in Richmond

So yesterday John and I made a quick night trip to Richmond, VA to check out the lyrical stylings of four bands involved in the Inaugural Stache Bash tour (the brainchild of one Jay Della Valle) hosted @ Alley Katz. We had previously linked up with Jay at a Stache Bash event in St. Louis and after having an interesting chat, we figured our objectives were similarly aligned to cross-promote. Anyways, the show went off without a hitch, aside from the fact that the curtains closed at 11 pm (apparently there's some silly noise curfew in the area), easily contributing to the lackluster audience turnout.

Outside the pearly gates of the venue; this place is extremely conducive for kick ass shows with available multi-tiered viewing, but again the shotty curfew must be costing them some critical attendance

Conshafter doing their thing; they had a very unique sound and I wouldn't be surprised if they found themselves back in the limelight in the very near future

Della Valle rocking our socks off; Jay, seen here pointing out his next lay, ended the night in a testosterone-soaked wife-beater...such a dreamy entertainer =P

Not pictured, but very much a part of the solid show, were The Rulers (not particularly my cup of tea, but crazy good entertainers nonetheless) and Louisiana Territory (showcasing a refreshingly upbeat vibe, with more sombre and softspoken vocals).

Great time had by all and thanks again to Mr. Jay Della Valle for letting us take part in his tomfoolery.

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