Silly Cat, Twitter Is For Humans (or so I thought!?)

Posted on April 05, 2009 | 0 comments

So after tidying up my room and completing a sensational Madlibs session, I decided to hop onto the interwebs to see what was new on the Twitter home-front. Browsing the usual lot of drab and mostly uninteresting updates, I came upon a tweet endorsing someone of the feline persuasion. Letting my curiosity get the best of me, I methodically moved my cursor until it laid rest on @Sockington...click. The webpage quickly loaded and I was suddenly caught in a cock-eyed stare-down with a majestic, grey and white faced, whiskered furball with exactly 286,289 followers (or at least at the time). I perused the numerous updates and was rather tickled that a being voted 'Most Likely to Smoke Catnip In Church' was able to formulate such complex and grammatically flawless thoughts (especially on a keyboard designed for human digits). Eh, stranger things have happened...haven't they?!?! I then noticed that this crazy cat was also following 219 other animals opposed to the whole blinking thing. Was this the start of some hair-balled scheme for world domination!!!...I wasn't about to find out. I lunged for the phone and without hesitation dialed 9-1-1. Ring....ring....ri...and then nothing. Shock was replaced with terror....and then strangely terror was replaced with hunger pain. I slowly hung up the phone, gave my temple a quizzical scratch and then tiptoed to the fridge for some Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid...

For a quick laugh (or possibly gasp) enjoy the amazing flipping cat...

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